The two aaia members from Salzburg Martin Kaswurm and Tim Moser, who both have a background in the event industry, joined the startup LiveVoice with a six-figure investment in their first financing round.

With over 15 years of international work experience, Martin Kaswurm has travelled the world, exploring new possibilities and working together with global brands and companies. From the Harvard Business School in the US to the FIFA Masters in Europe, Martin’s education has created a strong foundation from which he has been able to evaluate, consult and personally invest in businesses to advance their development.

Tim Moser has over 12 years of experience in the event industry. He is an experienced all-rounder with a big vision, driven by a passion for innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. Tim’s diverse portfolio of companies has allowed him to build a strong network across all industries and focus on business growth. He started making his first seed investments in 2020.

LiveVoice is about audio transmission for live events. Since everybody comes with a smartphone today, the startup believes it’s about time for an easy and affordable solution to offer audio streaming for simultaneous interpretation and other purposes. They want to make targeted audio live streaming possible for everyone. This is, why we created LiveVoice, an affordable, flexibel and easy to use way to do so.

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