Let’s talk about the investment in mk2 Biotechnologies that our partner primeCROWD enabled some of our members!

primeCROWD is an investment platform that allows individual investors to invest in Venture Capital deals starting at € 10.000. As investor you can choose to be actively involved in the startup or to let primeCROWD do all of the work. One of the aaia members that participated in this round is Johanna Konrad, she invested in mk2 Biotechnologies over primeCROWD – a great opportunity for everyone, who wants to get additional Business Angels on board, also good to keep in mind for all aaia members.

mk2 Biotechnologies GmbH develops, produces and investigates peptides at highest purity and quality standards using a revolutionary scalable synthesis technology. This way mk2 Biotechnologies enables the production of authentic peptides, regardless of their physical or chemical properties, at large scales and low cost.

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