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Today we are happy to talk about aaia member PUSH Ventures’ investment in MOSTLY AI – a synthetic data startup.

PUSH Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm investing in outstanding teams with convincing products and high growth potential. Since 2012 they have been active as investors and entrepreneurs and strongly believe in the megatrend of digitalisation and all kinds of technological advances in order to create value. Their initial investments are typically at pre-seed or seed stage with the potential to follow-on.

The Synthetic Data Engine by Mostly AI allows to simulate realistic & representative synthetic data at scale, by automatically learning patterns, structure and variation from existing data. It leverages state-of-the-art generative deep neural networks with in-built privacy mechanism to retain the valuable information while rendering the re-identification of any individual impossible. This way it provides as-good-as-real, yet fully anonymous data, that can be freely processed, analyzed and shared further.

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