Panel: Strategies for Investing in DeepTech and Quantum

Strategies for Investing in Deep Tech and Quantum

Deep Tech and Quantum technologies stand at the cutting-edge frontier of innovation, promising revolutionary breakthroughs that could reshape industries and redefine our future. Yet, investing in these sectors requires a blend of foresight, expertise, and a deep understanding of the underlying science and its market potential. This panel assembles distinguished voices from the investment community to delve into strategies and best practices for investing in these high-potential yet intricate sectors:

  • Markus Lang, Board Member of invest.austria and partner at Speedinvest: Setting the stage with an overview of the deep tech landscape, its challenges, and its undeniable promise for the future.
  • Ion Hauer, APEX Ventures: Discussing the nuances of identifying and supporting high-potential startups in the deep tech space, and sharing lessons learned from APEX Ventures' journey.
  • Tommaso Maschera, Plug and Play: Offering a global perspective on deep tech and quantum innovation, and how accelerators like Plug and Play navigate the ecosystem to foster groundbreaking ventures.
  • Isabella Meran-Waldstein: Bringing a unique viewpoint to the panel, detailing the challenges and opportunities from an investor's perspective, particularly in the quantum space.

Together, the panelists aim to uncover the dynamics of deep tech and quantum investing, elucidating the path forward for investors eager to back the next big technological leap.

Opening Words

The invest.austria conference 2023 starts in the morning with opening words by Niki Futter, Chairman of the Board at invest.austria, Daniela Haunstein, Co-Managing Director at invest.austria & Arnaud Béasse, Co-Managing Director at invest.austria.