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Benefits for startups


Investors: Take the chance and get in touch with more than 350 potential investors.

Deal Matching

Let experts support you in your search for suitable investors.


Expand your personal network and strengthen the awareness of your startup.

Qualified feedback

Get feedback from experienced industry experts during a pitch meeting.

Follow-on Investments

Stay visible to more than 350 investors on our member platform.

Community News

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And the best?

There are no fees – The only thing you need is a convincing idea and application!

Find your investor

Getting started

We connect you with suitable investors.

  1. Suchst du nach einer Finanzierung und hast deinen Prototyp bereits vollständig entwickelt, dann gib uns weitere Informationen zu deinem Startup bekannt.
  2. Im Anschluss erhältst du eine zeitnahe Rückmeldung zu deinen Unterlagen.
  3. Sind diese überzeugend und aussagekräftig, kontaktieren wir passende Investor:innen aus unserem Netzwerk.
  1. In addition, your startup will be deposited on our member platform to gain additional visibility among our members.
  2. If your startup is well received, you will be contacted by suitable investors and have the opportunity to convince them in a personal pitch meeting and get feedback on your content.

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Match with your investor

You want to pitch your startup to us and get to know potential business angels and investors? Find targeted active support with the help of our network.

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