The guitar-app Fretello raises around three million euros in investment in its latest funding round; aaia board member Christiane Holzinger has already been invested for some time and is the only female investor on board.

Christiane Holzinger, who holds a degree in tax consultancy, has been managing director of the Klagenfurt and Vienna tax consultancy 360° Business Planner GmbH since 2011. She is also co-founder and managing director of StartUpStars GmbH, a startup company launched in 2015. StartUpStars supports visionaries, founders and game changers in positioning and entering the market with their ideas. Christiane has been the Federal Chairwoman of Junge Wirtschaft Österreich since January 2019. She thus represents the concerns of young entrepreneurs throughout Austria. Since July 2021 she is also board member of the aaia.

With their AI-based guitar learning app, Fretello empowers people to express themselves through music. This experience can look different for every user as their learning content is customizable and adapted to the experience level. THe app not only allows users to learn, master, and play the guitar, Fretello provides real-time feedback and enables users to follow a learning path, choose customizable practice sessions, or learn how to play their favorite songs to perform them in front of their friends and family or even on a big stage.

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