Former aaia president of the board Johann ‘Hansi’ Hansmann and aaia member Martin Kaswurm invested in Leaders21com – a leadership training platform.
Johann ‘Hansi’ Hansmann has been an active investor and business angel since 2003. He holds investments with a geographical focus on Austria, Germany, the UK and Spain both in the internet and health industry. With more than 40 investments in extraordinary Start Ups, Hansi is said to be one of the most active and successful Business Angels in Europe.
With over 15 years of international work experience, Martin Kaswurm has travelled the world, exploring new possibilities and working together with global brands and companies. From the Harvard Business School in the US to the FIFA Masters in Europe, Martin’s education has created a strong foundation from which he has been able to evaluate, consult and personally invest in businesses to advance their development.
The goal of Leaders21com is to make leadership knowledge tangible for EVERYONE. Tailor-made for every company — and soon online for everyone. They support leaders who refuse to stand still and want to keep developing. How? With training, coaching, mentoring, consulting,… and a digital leadership platform, which they are currently developing.
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