Hansi Hansmann
Hansi Hansmann ist Business Angel bei der aaia und war langjähriges Vorstandsmitglied

Former aaia president Hansi Hansmann invested among others in the female empowerment startup Ada, who raised a good six-figure investment in total.

Kosmia Kovar, CEO and Co-Founder of Ada, was with us at our Investors Lunch – Female Edition and talked about her journey as a female entrepreneur. Now, together with others, she also flipped the name of the former “hansmen”, a group of founders from different startups across different industries in Hansi Hansmann’s portfolio. As more and more female entrepreneurs are becoming part of the group they felt it was important to recognize the female component and changed the name to the “hans(wo)men”!

The startup Ada describes itself as a mentor in your pocket. Ada combines female empowerment with lifelong learning to create more visibility for women – from the inside out. The Ada App gives women the tools they need to become more aware of and strengthen their own abilities. The concept works according to the micro-learning approach with daily 2-minute videos by leading experts and thus guarantees continuous development.

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