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Faire Miete: Wiener Startup Investoren: Jörg Kadanik & Wolfgang Rigler

Today we want to present you the latest investment story of two of our aaia-members: Jörg Kadanik and Wolfgang Rigler who invested in the startup FaireMiete.at.

Jörg Kadanik originally has a background in tax and management consultancy and now uses his knowledge for the startup ecosystem. In 2014 he founded KkIncube Invest Management GmbH where he is managing director. Wolfgang Rigler is a FMCG veteran (Mars Incorporated) and financial expert with international experience (Europe, CE, Russia, ME) of over 30 years and is now an independent consultant.

faireMiete ist a Viennese startup checking if the rent you pay for your flat is fair. If you pay to much they help you with the support of a lawyer to lower your rent to a fair amount and get you a refund for past payings – no effort, no risk and no grounds for dismissal for the users.

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